What is whisky?

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In this series of articles about whisky, Peter and Mike will teach us lots about the ‘water of life’. But before we go into too much detail they answer the most important question: ‘What is whisky?’. It is fundamental to have this understanding before we go into further detail.

What is whisky?

The definition of Scottish whisky is as easy as the product itself: Scotch Single Malt Whisky is a distilled drink made of barley, yeast and water that comes from one single specific whisky distillery in Scotland. The drink has to meet a certain benchmark to be called whisky. This benchmark is that the white spirit (baby whisky) has to mature in oak barrels for at least 3 years and a day. When this benchmark is not met, you can’t call it whisky.

The deeper meaning of whisky

For many whisky is way more than that though. Whisky means an experience, to enjoy and to relax. Nothing is more fun than to grab a book (or the internet) and look up the history of your whisky, where it comes from and its distillery before you take that first sip. Nothing is tastier than to enjoy all the different colours, aromas and flavours afterwards that are hidden in this liquid gold. And nothing brings more rest than to let the pressure of the day slip away while you’re sipping your drink and just sit back and relax. This is the deeper meaning of whisky for many man all over the world.

The origin of the water of life

We have established the definition of whisky and the deeper meaning it can have to people. There is more though! The water of life comes from a country that stole many hearts: Scotland. The nature is breath taking, the people are incredibly friendly and it is so calm you almost lose track of time. As soon as you enter the highlands it seems like time has not moved over the past centuries. When you leave the A9 you end up in the middle of nowhere, where all you see are mountain goats, castles and gorgeous nature. Every village you enter has history and whisky. If you like to explore this drink and its past, a visit to Scotland should be on your bucket list.

This article was written by Peter and Mike Verbeek.<

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