The difference between a bartender and a mixologist!


Since the way how cocktails are made has evolved, the question “What is the difference between a bartender and a mixologist?” is asked a lot.

The word mixologist is often associated with high class lounges and bars and a bartender in more of a dive bar setting. However, in both professions that is not necessarily the case. Although both very important for a great bar experience, the professions actually refers to different roles in the night life scene.

The Mixologist

A mixologist is a cocktail designer that serves seasonal and/or establishment signature drinks and prepares own house-made syrups, bitters, essences or other ingredients that a bartender will need in order to provide a service to a customer. These tasks are always done before the guests arrive. He also selects high quality ingredients that are stocked behind the bar and usually aligned with the style of the bar or restaurant.

The Bartender

A bartender is completely focused on his guests, makes them feel welcome, entertains them and attends to them when needed. Almost like a friend or companion. He makes great drinks for his guests by using the recipes and ingredients prepared by the mixologist.<