Master the basic Cocktail techniques (part 2)


On “Master the basic cocktail techniques (part 1)” basic cocktail techniques such as shaking, straining, stirring we covered. This time we will cover the next three techniques that will help you on your way on becoming a master in preparing complicated and delicious cocktails. These techniques are building, blending and muddling.


Cocktails that are build are usually served straight up with ice. In this case your “building” the cocktail up by pouring multiple ingredients in the glass with ice cubes or crushed ice, stirring is not necessary.


When fresh fruit is incorporated in a cocktail, a blender is normally used. Start blending slow until it’s one nice fluid liquid. If you would like to blend a mango or pineapple and it does not liquefy properly, add some lime juice or a small amount of water. Well known cocktails that are blended are the Scroppino and Piña Colada.


A muddler is used to muddle or squash fruit in a cocktail glass. Often in combination with sugar (cane). Well known cocktails that are muddled are the Mojito and Caipirinha.

With these techniques, you’re on your way to create cocktails that are well prepared and of course delicious. Next time we will cover three more techniques, layering, rim a cocktail glass and egg white.<