Master the basic Cocktail techniques (Part 1)


If you’re a beginner in making cocktails, than this will help you along in the world of preparing cocktails. To prepare delicious cocktails, you need to master the basic cocktail techniques. In this post we will cover three techniques. Straining, shaking and stirring.


Shaking with ice is one of the most coммon cocktail techniques. Start by placing ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Add all the ingredients that are needed to the shaker. Shake hard and firm for 10 seconds. When the frost is noticeable on the outside of the shaker, your cocktail is ready to be poured in the correct cocktail glass. And don’t forget to smile when you shake, even when you can’t open the shaker on your first try.


Straining is done to prevent small pieces of fruit pulp, clots or other unwanted ingredients to be poured in to your cocktail glass. Place the cocktail strainer on your shaker before pouring. In some cases you’ll see that the drink will be poured out through a sieve. This is called double straining.


A bar spoon is used to stir carbonated cocktails that are prepared in a glass. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail glass and with a bar spoon it’s possible to stir the flavours together with the ice until the outside of the cocktail glass is cold as well.

With these techniques, you’re on your way to create cocktails that are well prepared and of course delicious. Next time we will cover three more techniques, building, blending and muddling.<