A cocktail served in the correct cocktail glass


Every cocktail is meant to be served in their own type of cocktail glass. The type of glass says a lot about the cocktail that is poured in it. Is it a manly, sweet or strong cocktail? Or is it a suммer cocktail that taste best by a swiммing pool. The glass also adds to the cocktail’s image.

Within the choices for a type of glass, there are many varieties. The glass that gets chosen with each cocktail also depends on the presentation and preference. The most well known cocktail glasses nowadays are;

Martini glass

The Martini glass is probably the most famous cocktail glass. No ice cubes are placed in this type of glass, the drink is usually already stirred or shaken with ice. The drink has to be chilled. The V-form of the glass ensures the drink stays together and chilled. Known cocktails that are poured in to a Martini glass are the Manhattan and of course…the Martini.

Champagne glass

The champagne glass is also known to be called a Flute. The glass has a long footed stem and is often used for cocktails that contains, you can probably guess it, champagne. The shape of the glass causes the carbon dioxide to float upwards and continues to fizz. Because of its presentation the Flute is often used with a welcome drink

Old Fashioned glass (Whiskey glass)

The Old Fashioned glass has countless varieties. Traditionally the Old Fashioned has to have two elements. It must contain ice cubes, an Old Fashioned glass drink is always served on the rocks, and the content of such a glass normally is whiskey. The wide opening of the glass causes the aromas to be smelled easily and ensures the drink still has enough room to be stirred even whit a lot of ice cubes in it. Well known cocktails that are poured into an Old Fashioned glass are the Old Fashioned Cocktail and Whiskey Sour.

Highball glass (Tumbler glass)

The Highball glass is also known to be called a tumbler glass or long drink glass. This glass is usually used for fruit based or mixed drink cocktails. The content of a Highball glass drink is often refreshing and has a suммer feel to it. For a cocktail glass, the Tumbler glass can hold a fair amount of fluids. Well known cocktails that are served in a Highball glass are the Woo Woo, Long Island Iced Tea and of course the Bloody Mary.

Shot glass

A Shot glass can contain a small amount of fluid and often contains only alcohol containing drinks. The contents of a Shot glass is often drunk in one shot, hence the name Shot glass.

Hurricane Cocktail glass

The Hurricane Cocktail glass is a spherical shaped cocktail glass. This elegant glass is mostly used in combination with suммer cocktails and because of that often seen around pools and stunning vistas. Tropical cocktails such as the Piña Colada is served in a Hurrican Cocktail glass.<