DIY: the perfect Margarita


It’s Margarita day! Today we celebrate this widely known and well loved Tequila cocktail. The Margarita is a Mexican cocktail that belongs to the category ‘short drinks’. We do not know who invented this drink precisely, but we want to thank them for doing so nevertheless. In this DIY article we give you a recipe to create your own perfect Margarita cocktail. Let’s get started!

Margarita variations

There are tons of versions of this well known cocktail by now. Think about variations with mango, strawberry and even with jalapeno peppers! Of course it is amazing to see how people are being creative with these recipes. For example Cocktaillicious has a ton of different Margarita variations on their blog. Because today we are celebrating Margarita day, we will share with you how to make a classic, traditional and delicious Margerita. Enjoy!


Tequila (1,5 part)
Triple Sec (1 part)
Juice of 1 lime
Salt garnish


Take a Margerita glass and cover the edge with a little layer of salt. To do this make the edge of the glass moist with a bit of lime juice or a slice of lime and dip in a plate of evenly divided salt. The lime will make the edge of the glass nice and sticky, so the salt will stay put. Use a cocktail shaker to mix the lime juice, Tequila and Triple Sec. Shake, shake, shake! Use a strainer to poor the cocktail into the Margarita glass.<