Shake it baby! How to properly use a shaker.


Of all cocktail tools, the use of a cocktail shaker is most coммon. Although, not all cocktails are made with a shaker. Carbonated beverages such as club soda or cola are liquids that should definitely not be shaken in a shaker. Also with a Mojito or an Old Fashioned your Shaker can remain in the cupboard. In this blog I will explain how to properly use a shaker!

Boston shaker or Cobbler

In search for a shaker, you will find that there are many types shakers. The Boston shaker and the so-called Cobbler shaker are shakers that are best known. Bartenders in a cocktail bar often use the Boston shaker. These shakers have a shaker glass and a metal Boston shaker cup, the shaker cup is used with a strainer when pouring the cocktail in a glass. The capacity of this shaker is big enough (800 ml / 27.05 fl. oz.) to create a cocktail for two at the same time. Another advantage with the Boston shaker is that you can better see what you’re making. Also pouring with a strainer is faster. The use of this shaker is a bit technical, this requires some attention the first few times when your opening, closing and pouring with the shaker. However, this is something you will get used to very quickly.