Delicious autumn cocktails


The suммer has ended and many would think that this means that the cocktail season has also come to an end, as cocktails are often related with warm temperatures. But do not worry, every season has its own charm, even autumn with its colourful pallet and warm flavours has its own delicious cocktails. Like an Apple Pie Mojito that really approaches the flavour of apple pie with the use of caramel vodka, apple and cinnamon. Or the Perfect Pear with pear juice, triple sec and caramel vodka. A Mandarine Sour with Napoleon liquor and tangerine juice and last but not least the strong and herby Zuidwester (Southwestern) with brown Jenever (Dutch Gin) and Ginger Ale.

These autumn cocktails will keep you warm during cold windy days. We recoммend these cocktails to be drunk near a fireplace or after a nice hike through the woods.<