Cocktails around the World: Brazil


Cocktails are drunk all over the world and each country has their own specialties and signature cocktail drinks. With This segment “Cocktails around the world” we will cover three signature cocktails of a country. This time, it’s Brazil. The country known for its beaches, football, Christ the Redeemer and of course delicious cocktails.


The most famous Brazilian cocktail is the legendary Caipirinha. This drink is prepared with liquor made from sugar cane, called cachaça. The Caipirinha is believed to be created in the early 1900’s as a medicine to ease the effects of the Spanish Flu. It’s original recipe consisted of cachaça, green lemon, honey and garlic. Today the Caipirinha is a much loved cocktail not only in Brazil but worldwide. From “easy going” beach bars to high class lounge café’s. The classic version is surprisingly very easy to prepare. Find out what it takes, in our DIY Caipirinha guide. The Caipirinha has a sharp and sweet sensation that is both refreshing and dangerously easy to drink. Variation on this delicious cocktail are the Capifruta, that contains exotic fruits such ass pineapple, mango or kiwi and the Caipiroska in which vodka is substituted for cachaça.


Batida is probably the second most popular Brazilian cocktail. The Batida, literally means shaken, beaten, crushed or milkshake in Portuguese , is a blend of cachaça, fruit juice or coconut milk and sugar. These ingredients are shaken or blended properly with ice, which creates a smoothie or milkshake. The most coммon fruits used are lemons, strawberries, passion fruit and coconuts. It is often served with the addition of condensed milk for an extra sugar rush.


Capeta, which means “devil” in Portuguese, is a very indulgent and perky blend of cachaça, guaraná, condensed milk, cinnamon, honey and Nesquick served over crushed ice. The guarana, a berry from the amazon, is a stimulant containing a high concentration of caffeine and therefore has a energising effect. For this reason this cocktail is often drunk during carnival time. The drink’s sweet, creamy and chocolaty flavour will give you that extra bit of energy to dance the night away.<

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